Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We are working towards being known for the best quality and service in the industry. A Stimulant by Sarnies is focused on providing a superior product, providing support and creating happy and trusting relationships with our customers.

Our Values
  • Quality in equals quality out
  • Awesome service always
  • Welcome feedback positively
  • Communication is key
  • Without happiness there is only crappiness
Why us?

You get freshly roasted coffee, the way you like it. Our roasters pick and choose some of the best coffees in the world, and whether it's roasted as a single origin, or put together as a blend, there's always something that you'll like.

We roast every week, so let us know what you want, how you'll like it, and we'll sort out the rest for you. Like a tailor, but for coffee!

We're different.

We're not big fans of long, formal-looking emails and lengthy, time-consuming procedures. We'd like to make friends with you. We want to understand you and serve you as best as we possibly can, whether it's a question on the right coffee for a friend, a broken down espresso machine, or a last minute order, we'll try our bestest (yes, bestest) to help you out. That's what friends are for, right?